New Toddler Boots for my Son

Hello everyone, I am a full time working mom of one son and a part time student. Its not my thing to wake up early in the morning during weekends. But today, it will be a new day for me and for my son, another rainy day for us here in the Davao City, Philippines. We had a bad weather for more than 2 weeks already. According to the weather forecast it will last until the end of February because of the change climate.

I really don’t like rainy days, because I need to bring a lot of stuff. Like umbrella, rain coat for my son and toddler rain boots. Oh I just remember I should consider of buying a new pair of toddler rain boots for my son because it’s no longer fitted to him. My son is really growing fast. So as early as 6 o’clock in the morning, I am doing my search about toddler rain boots. I stop by to this site and I found a lot of toddler rain boots and it has a cute design that I know my son will surely like it. They offer fabulous design that would be attractive to the eyes of little kids. Here are some of the toddler boots that they are offering:

They have cute design for everyone, you may visit their site to check other designs. See you there

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supermommyjem said...

Nice boots design. I like Thomas and Friends design.

My Mommymoon said... kids loved rain boots when they were young. I like the Thomas as well.

ladyguinevere28 said...

Hello Mommies.. count me in, son likes Thomas as well..

anne said...

girl welcome back

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