Counting on Heart’s Day

Month of February is known as Heart’s Month. This is the great time of the year that lover’s can express their love more passionately, by giving flowers, chocolates and love letters. A lot have created more romantic gestures like have a candle light dinner or a walk in the seashore during night time. While others think of something that is more meaningful but affordable at the same time, like putting their pictures in the mug with a personalized message. It is so cute and lovely to look at that a lady is walking while holding a bouquet of flowers.

Oh well, those are a few scenarios during heart’s day. But before heart’s day flowers shop, restaurant, bars, hotels and many other are very much busy preparing for this day. Is it really a big day that they prepare so much of it? In my opinion Heart’s day is just an ordinary day for a single lady like me. But why business establishments are putting so much effort of it. It looks like a big day but not really. Its not even consider as holiday, prices of flowers are getting higher and increasing up to 100% . Ohh wow…

Just thinking after February 14 do they share the same intense of love and emotion? I just hope that lovers who are passionately in love would always share their love the whole year not just February 14. Who will remain as romantic and sweet to their love ones? Isn’t that is more important rather than flowers, chocolates, letters and dinners with personalized items. Duhhh just a thought..

Anyways, I guess this is the effect of a person whose beau is not with her. So much with this.. I have to say have a good night and have a great weekend.

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genny said...

very well said! only few will remain sweet after vday! happy weekend!

Shimumsy said...

Hope you enjoy vday with your loved ones.

ladyguinevere28 said...

Thanks Gen, so sad to know that only few will remain sweet and romantic to their love ones.

ladyguinevere28 said...

Shimumsy, I will surely enjoy it with my students.. being a busy fella. Have fun with your date on Vday.

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