Ya - Ya Name

My day filled with so much activities. I am really tired but before I decided to lay down and get some rest. I need to have an update of my blog or else I'll missing something and my day would not be complete as well. Just browsing here and there, and I got this one post Ya - Ya name I thought its a name of her house maid. But when I read the whole article its a name bestow on us in a royalty name. Sounds interesting you will have your own royalty name by just entering your complete name. So I go ahead and click the link and also entered my name and I my royalty name bestow on me is "Viscountess Speaks in Tongues", I keeps on smiling about it. I am really like this who? I am wondering now. Since I could not accept this royalty name. I make some twist here and there I used the last name of my beau. And my royalty name bestow on me.... is "Duchess Shakes Her Booty" wahh... This really makes me laugh out loud. Shakes my booty, so I came to realize that its not really true its just for fun.

If you out there would like to know your royalty name and make fun of it. Then you must try filling up the form and click bestow. Try it and enjoy it at the same time. So have a great weekend everyone. I'll be logging out now, its still to get some rest and dream for a while. I might see my Viscount or Duke in my dream.

Good night...

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Silvergirl said...

I dunno why i cant open ur blog from entrecard .. please check it.. thank u

ladyguinevere28 said...

thank you so much for letting me know about this prob. Yeah I've checked it and sent some feedback to the ec support.

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