New Locker for New School Year

We are about to end this school year 2010 – 2011. As we end our school my boss planned for a new look in our school. He wanted to make a new division in the lounge area then he will order a new locker for his employees. I am excited to hear about those plans for I know it would benefit on me. I will no longer keeps on bringing all the references I have. I will have enough space in my own desk. My desk will not be cluttered and messed up. In short I will have order and organized materials and references. My boss asked me about the design of our locker; I search it on the internet and find these classy and cool designs for the employee lockers.

My boss agrees on the design and he would find time to order it via online. He would also look for the school lockers for our students to put up their stuff and they would not have hard time carrying it during school days.

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Dirty Butter said...

What grades do you teach and what subjects? Do you move from one room to another during the day, or do you have your own room. I've taught both ways. When I was in a very crowded room my classes were in other teacher's rooms when they were at lunch or on break. I hated that, with no place to store anything and no way to put anything on the walls permanently.

I follow you on ExposeYourBlog. Glad to have you here!

ladyguinevere28 said...

Hi Rose, I am teaching the preschool. We have our own classroom for the class. Then for other things like materials or references we have our own desk separated from the classroom not inside the classroom. There is no need for me to move from one classroom to another to teach because we are just staying in one classroom until the time ends.

Dirty Butter said...

So it's kind of like having an office? The only "teacher space" I've ever known was a Teacher's Lounge.

We stored everything in cabinets in our room or at home. I quit using a desk for about 15 years, I guess. All it did was pile up with stuff and take up room. LOL!


ladyguinevere28 said...

yeahhh, its a little faculty room just two teachers. Our boss really make sure that we have some privacy other than our classroom.

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