Sunnyville - A Fairy Play

The commencement exercises of Sunnyville Early Childhood Learning Center is fast approaching. As a teacher I am task to give them a finale presentation that would showcase their talents. I am thinking of having a play with the concept of fairy. As of now I am still confused what would be the title of the play. I am choosing between "Fairyville" which comes from the name of the school or "Fairytasha" comes from the name of the main character.

Can anyone help me out which one to choose from or if anyone out there has a good suggestions please message me up I would highly appreciate it. I hope my bloggers friend would help me clear my mind because I am bombarded with lots of thinking,

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genny said...

i would like to suggest....FAIRYVILLETASHA! what u think??wink!

ladyguinevere28 said...

hahahaha... what a combination.. ok counted wala pa bitaw nag close ang nomination.

Any nomination? murag lang election bahhh

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