PBB Love Team – Melissa and Jason

Last night is not an ordinary night, it was indeed the most romantic and memorable night for us as an avid fan of Melissa and Jason love team. It’s the night that Jason is planning to let Melissa know how he feels. It was the night that Jason will start courting Melissa. Jason could not do it alone, so he asked help from his group C4 (Four Cute Guys). It was ninja attire and looks like they ready to attack Melissa. As ninja, they need to climb to the roof to get into another house and get Melissa that is the plan. When they arrived, the housemates notice them that there are ninjas coming. The housemates were horrified, run immediately to the room, and hide there. The ninjas asked Melissa politely to come with them. Melissa keeps on shouting because she was terrified with them. Only to find out that there is a picnic set up waiting outside.

Melissa already guessed who he is. It was her sweetie pie Jason. Jason prepares a pair of bread for them to eat. Of course, the spread shape like a heart, because Melissa was important to him. Melissa could not understand how she feels that time, its really obvious that Melissa was overwhelm with the way she reacts every time Jason blurted out his emotions and feelings. Its really a good show and really an entertaining program. The head writer of this program really knows how to shiver side of Filipino. Then you can add the looks of Melissa how he makes fun of Jason. Every one laughs her reactions every time she open her eyes at the same time her nose. Even Jason will laugh aloud because Melissa was hilarious.

After those hilarious reactions, Jason asked Melissa to sit properly. At this time, Jason was serious in telling Melissa that there is no one could make him laugh and it was only Melissa. There is no dull moment for him when he is with Melissa. Jason even point out that it was Melissa that he got a crush. Of course, Melissa could not believe what Jason is telling her, because for her. She is not that attractive and sexy compare to Mariel (other housemates). Jason told her that she is also attractive, but Melissa said “sometimes”. Jason proposes to Melissa and asked for the young lady’s response. Melissa immediately that said she loves Jason. Viola, without any hesitation Melissa just says what she really felt for Jason.

It’s really an inspiring to see that a handsome guy like Jason would fall in love to this petite countryside lady. But mind you, she has the innocent beauty with a lots and loads of sense of humor. It would be an added point if you have this skill to make people laugh. I wish I could make someone laugh with my simple jokes.

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