A Christmas Wish list for everyone

It’s hard enough to put all the perfect Christmas gifts, plus the efforts should be doubled when you are asked to buy presents for the people that matters most. Then you can add the dilemma of which gifts that you could buy for each of them.

Today, I would like to make difference. That this Christmas season will be free of worries. Therefore, I’ll be preparing a Christmas wish for everyone. It’s not only for myself but all the people that surround me.

For those who are affected by the typhoon and a victim of tragedy and massacre. My wish is to make you strong and give you more strength in surviving this dark side of life. To my enemy and for those whom I’ve hurt, I asked for forgiveness in your kind heart. To my friends, co-workers and fellow classmates, I wish you courage and more wisdom. For my relatives and family, I wish for healthy and bountiful blessings for the years to come. For my dear son I wish you the best in life. Moreover, for myself I only wish respect and love to come in the next year.

I just hope I could wrap up all of this and send it to the concerns. This may not be gifts but surely, it’s a warm loving thoughts to send. As the old wise axiom says, it’s the thoughts that counts.

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