Expenses.. Bills.. Payments.

Its Monday time, it’s for me to check all the bills that I need to pay. Too many expenses this holiday. In addition, I have to add on my budget a Christmas shopping, if there is extra money for shopping. I should not set aside the tuition fee for my kid and a payment for my loan. OMG, my savings is draining now and I still do not have income. I even don’t have a paying job. However, I need to live with it; I need to keep on moving with my life.

I don’t want to be put in jail just because I did not pay my bills or any other expenditures. I know in time I will have work and have the capacity to pay all this bills. For the meantime, I just have to sacrifice some of my extra money for these holidays. Once am done with this, all things will be ok. I will not look on some attractive things to buy on. I will not go to malls or any bazaar for the meantime. Ill just to stay at home and enjoy the time while am with my family. That would be the best thing for me to save on these holidays.

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