A Trip in the Field

You may think what a trip in the field is, but it is just as simple as Field Trip. Yesterday November 19, 2009 my kid had their field trip. Therefore, I packed all the things he needed for this trip. An extra shirt, towel and shorts with lots and loads of snacks to share with his classmates, take note junk foods are not allowed. Moreover, I need to include the camera to take pictures of their memories and fun. Since mother is not allowed in this trip, because the schools oblige them to be independent at this early age. I asked his teacher to take pictures of them. Hands Salute to Teacher Jen who is so kind in taking pictures of him and his classmates.

Unfortunately, when I picked him up in the school I noticed a contusion in his right cheek. I immediately asked him why he has that contusion. He could not answer me, so I asked him if someone hit him. He denies and says it is just nothing. I touched his cheek and asked him if it hurts, but he said its not. So, I calm down and never bothered about it. Even though I had an intuition, that someone hit him. It is really our mother instinct that we felt that way, but I can see that my son is really growing up and his really getting to be a man. This time I felt afraid that I might not have enough courage or strength to defend him or protect him from any harmful actions. Since I am just a woman, I am not disparaging of what am capable of, but I guess just afraid that my son will get into trouble and he do not have a dad to protect him.

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