Recyclable Foods

While I am watching morning show, one of their segment caught my attention. They wll show tips for recyclable foods or left over foods. Being a mother there is nothing else I could do to the left over but to reheat it or throw it. Since today is practical days and savings days. I could no longer afford to throw a left over food unless it it spoiled. So, this segment would really help a lot for those who does not know what to do on a left over, just like me. I listen very eagerly while the show progressing.

First Menu: If you have, a "Giniling" left over. Giniling is a sautee ground beef mixed with potato, this menu mostly prepared during lunchtime or dinnertime. They by breakfast time, you can prepare an "Eggplant Omelet" out of giniling. Here's how to do it:

1. Beaten the egg in a bowl.
2. Get the stew eggplant put it in a the bowl with mix eggs and crushed it.
3. Fry the eggplant, once it is in the frying pan. Put the giniling on top of the omelet.

Second Menu: If you prepare the giniling during lunchtime, then you can use it in your dinner. By putting it in your soup or adding it in your stew pork menu.

There you go mothers out there, that would be all for now. Nevertheless, I will be doing a research more for Christmas left over.

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