Kudos to Pacman

Good job Manny Pacquiao for winning the WBO Welterweight Championship belt versus Miguel Cotto via TKO on Round 12. In an interview, Pacquiao said, "He's planning to knock him out on Round 12. He expected that the fight would be stop on Round 11, because Miguel Cotto was so tired and looks too pathetic in the 11th rounf.

As we can see in the fight, it was the adrenalin of Pacman who made him win. Yes, indeed Cotto is bigger than Pacman and stronger than Pacman. However, his big did not help him because his adrenalin went down as every round ends. It is really a bright strategy not to hurry in every fight, becuase the adrenalin of Pacman is really quite high. A big kudos to Coach Roach. See you in your next fight Pacman.

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