Paints in Different Hues

Life is very simple. It is only us who make it complicated. Others say life is so unfair. However, life can also represents by different hues. It paints in different shade; some are red, some are green, others are blue and violet. We may not like some of the colors but they are there to make our life more colorful. you can be as dazzling as the red and the white as be peaceful enough to take's the pain and rejection in life. On the other hand, just like the yellow and pink that brightens your day, and ready to give smile in your way. It may be bright colors or even dull but that is the way we can appreciate the beauty of life.

Life to us presents in different way. You may take the bad as well as the good. But colors also dictates our mood in a day. It also represents our character and our strenght in every situation or trials in life. However, be blessed because the colors are there to make sure that there is always rainbow after the rain.

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