Pain in my Heart

Have you ever been experienced that you are being cheated by your boyfriend? It really hurts alot. Coming from my own experienced, yes indeed it really hurts a lot. I even thought of committing suicide because I can no longer bear the pain in my heart. But good thing there is an angel whisper in my ear that his not the only man in the world. I may meet a very wrong person because God is preparing me for the right one. That really convinced me to move on with my life and forgiveness follows. After all he gave me happy moments and good memories that I could cherished.

After you forgave the man who caused so much pain with you. Then friendship may follow, I accept his offer to be one of my friend. Anyways his one among the rest of my friends could really know the real me. So maybe he could help me in knowing the men more. But along the way, the road turns differently. Coz instead of me looking for another men, all my attention was focused on getting know more about him. In short we rekindled the love that we lost in the midst of war. As what they say "Love is sweeter on the second time round". I know this may not be the common thing that we filipinas are used to, but I must say its a great foundation in solidifying your relationship in dealing into the pain and rekindled the love that once lost. Because once you've survived and surpassed all those trials, there is no more trials that you both could not surpassed. Thats the lesson I've learned from this experienced.

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genny said...

Its not easy to fall in love on the same person who hurt you. But its your life, good luck:-)

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