Last night while am thinking of my babe, a tear fell on my cheeks. For no reason I felt bothered. I am afraid coz the last time I felt this, I caught him sleeping with my friend. Now that am miles away from him I dont have any access on how to check on him but to call him. By doing that would not really suffice what I felt now. So what I felt now would only remain unanswered.

If only I could jump from where Iam now to where he is at. This feeling would be answered by now and I will not hunt this one for every minute of the day. And that really bothered me. I dont know if he really cares what am feeling right now. Coz if he is, for sure he would talk to me right? But unfortunately he didn't, he even ignored me. That is really so sad. No wonder why tears fell on my cheeks and it will continue to be like that until such time.

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