Greener and grazing land

As a single mother I always look forward on how will I support my kid?. Being an employee alone would not really suffice the need of my son and my need as well. Because of that need, and because am looking for a brighter future for my son. I planned to work abroad and just in time, a friend of mine recommends this agency.

I applied in this agency and they informed me that I could pass the visa interview. Because of the trust, I gave the first payment. I gave them the amount that they needed to process my papers. While in the mid of processing the papers, recession came in so all the working visa application will be put in freeze until such time. Since it has been more than 6 months, I waited. I decided to withdraw my application and asking for the refund of my first payment. The agency is so accommodating for my refund. I thought I would be receiving my refund in a full amount just like the way I give the money. Never in my mind that they will do it in installments basis. Well at least they are processing my refunds. Nevertheless, it has been 8 months now and until now they still did not give me the full amount. Am still waiting and still waiting until I will receive the full amount.

A dreamed for a greener pasture turns out to be the deep blue sea.

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