Education for a brighter Future

I am a single parent of 10 yrs old boy and I am raising my son all by myself. It’s not easy because I am concern of two things; taking care the need of my son and my need also. I have only enough finances to provide all our needs, but sometimes I am also run out of budget. With this difficulty in life, I have to look for another job for us to keep going with our lives.

For me to set my budget easy and convenient, I made a list of the priorities that I have. I set education of my son as my top priority, which includes his tuition fee, tutor fee, and other monthly expenses. If I have to sum up all the expenses we have just for my son’s education, I would end up deficit in my budget. Now I have to look for another way, where in my son can get scholarship for his education. I went to government offices and some politicians, but they won’t accept scholarship for grade school student. This makes me feel bad; I am now struggling on my budget. However, a person I knew told me this education loan, offered by our government institutions as long as you are a member of this institution. This sounds great, I will check on this program and I am hoping this will be the solution of my problem. I am aiming give a good education for my son’ brighter future.

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