Cheese Sticks for Sale

I've already mentioned in my previous post, long time ago. My son is into business right now. He is selling cheese sticks in his classroom. And all I can say, the business is going well, his classmates like it and they keep on making reservation. But sad to say, we can only produce 100 chess sticks a day. It end up his classmates struggling to get one for them.

In line with this, one of his classmate Luwie is interested to sell cheese sticks in their up coming school activity. They have a school activity called "Sama-sama" where in the teachers, students, parents and other non teaching personnel join in the event and they all gathered and have fun. To promote camaraderie with each other, along with this food stalls are available for you to sell and display what you want to sell.

Luwie convince my son Andre that they will get a food stall and they will sell cheese sticks. This is what they have decided and they already planned how to get the ingredients.

Funny is they are only 10 yrs old and at that early age, seems they are into business. Well, I have to see in the future if they are really into this venture, all what I can do now, is to support them and assist them

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Tammy Graham said...

I am visiting from the Alexa hop. What kind of cheese sticks is he selling? I could not find the post about it but you were talking about ingredients and it threw me because at first I thought you were just talking about string cheese sticks. lol

I hop you can visit my blog.

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