Having an Intermittent Connection for my Internet in Bayantel DSL Plan

Every internet connection has its own down time and backlog, I am fully aware that no internet connection that has a perfect connection that wont experience any of backlogs and down time. Bayantel DSL has their own flaws and it really make me sick. For this month alone, I experienced several down time and usually it happens during night time while I am having my online teaching.

This really makes me pissed off even more, why the down time didn’t occur during day time where I am not having any online teaching? I know they don’t have any control over that, but I wonder why it usually occurs during night time. And so I end up explaining again to my student what is going on, and so I also have to write an incident report and to be submitted to my boss every time I am not online.

I have to do all these things, even if its not my fault. I keep on doing that for the whole week because the internet keeps on acting really bad during the night time. At the end one of my student stop his class with me because of the bad internet connection.

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