Halloween Vacation and we are going to Cagayan De Oro

It's a semester break in our school and we have more than a week vacation; just the same with my son they also have a semester break. And so we decided to spend our vacation in another city and that's Cagayan De Oro.We are so fortunate that my cousin lives there and we will havge a place to stay with.

After the program in our school, the next day is our scheduled trip. We woke up early because its 8 hrs travel by land and we have packed all the things that we needed and that also include some food to eat during the travel. I am worried about my son because he keeps on eating food and drinking water during the trip, I keep on telling him to lessen the intake of food and water because he might gonna poo and pee. And th eonly time that you could pee is while we are in the terminal. However you also could not stay long because the bus will only stay for 2-4 minutes and they will leave right away.

When we arrived in the bus terminal, I make sure that the seat will have a good view for my son. During the trip my son enjoys the mountains view, rivers, water falls, bridges and zigzag road that we have pass by. He is really amaze of how beautiful thenature we have, I amso happy that even if we have a long travel, still he wasn't got bored and uneasy.

Maybe next vacation, we might just opt for online art classes!

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