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Its been a while since my aunt keeps on looking for courier to ship her goods here in the Philippines. My aunt is an art crafts collector. Every time she joined any garage sale or auction, she would definitely have something on her hand before she goes home. Just like her significant other, they would really love to go in any auction. They wouldn’t mind driving long miles just to be in that auction place.
There collections have become growing and growing and they no longer have enough places to put their arts. So my aunt decided to ship out some of the collections and have it store here in her place. Anyways she had a big house here that nothing on it.

She keeps on looking for any forwarder that has reviews for her case and would assure her that her shipment would arrive complete and safe. Until she found this site that tells her that she would get a free shipment. This is really a good deal in town and nothing string attached. She was amazed with the promotion and she would definitely go for it. My aunt can’t wait to ship out those arts, since she found out a best deal for her arts and shipment.

From then on, she will keeps on using that courier to ship out some of her balikbayan boxes.

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