The Challenges of a Single Parent

Raisings kids are hard but the challenge gets tougher if you have to do this alone. While the idea of a one, big, happy family may seem to be perfect the reality is that not everyone could experience it. Single parents should be considered as modern-day heroes. This is surely a tough act to follow considering the amount of sacrifice that these individuals have to give. In a usual family setup, the couples share on the responsibilities be it financial matters or in raising the children, if you are a single parent all these responsibilities fall into your hands.

The challenges in raising a family on your own can be classified into different categories. When it comes to money, single parents have to make the ends meet. Budgeting the monthly earnings to pay for bills, school expenses, food and other incidental expenditures requires not only skills but a great deal of patience as well. You’re lucky if you have a high paying job that could cover all the expenses but in most cases, most single parents need to work at least two jobs in order to have sufficient money for the month.

In the aspect of raising children, single parents often faced the dilemma of playing both roles to their kids. Let’s face it, during the growing years of a young boy there maybe topics that he will be comfortable to discuss with a grown up man and the lack of the father figure around the house could be raised as a question. The same goes for young ladies that are about to become matured women. Assisting your kids single handedly during this phase in their lives could be quite a task.

With double the responsibility and twice the hard work that single parents need to endure, each day presents an opportunity to come out stronger and more productive.

Mae currently works as a freelance writer. Among her favorite topics include travel, current events, technology and fashion. She's enjoying her current task writing for kjoler til fest a project which is all about dresses for party.

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simply kim said...

i can so relate to that. i've been a single mom for 5 years before i finally met the man i married..

by the way, do you mind checking out on Bath Time?

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