A Million Thank you.... myspace graphic comments

It all started with a simple joke, I did not take it personally coz I know that is just one way to encourage me to go further and do my best to do things in accordance to what I am planning for. Every time Lainy and I have a chance to talked and chat, I would always tell her, how much I envy her and the other bloggers who owned a domain because they have the wider scope to earn more. Unlike me I am only limited to Inpost, SS and BV. But to my surprise, after a few days Lainy sent me an offline message and asked my PP address. I am even confused what is PP address? I thought she was offline, but still I replied and here's our chat:

Lainy: Pretty Ada, online kaba? san na PP address mo?
Ladyguinevere: Hello ever Gorgeous Lainy, ano pp address? ngayon lang kasi me nag online ehh
Lainy: paypal address. ill send u $10 for ur domain
Ladyguinevere: ahhh paypal address pala. bakit mo ako send ng $10 domain? nanalo ba ako?
Lainy: haha
Lainy: indi. kasi diba gusto mo magkadomain. u dont have to win the contest ako na ang direct sponsor hehe
Ladyguinevere: wow... really................
Ladyguinevere: I am so much delighted ever gorgeous Lainy.

After this chat, I immediately talk to Genny which is also another blogger and a friend of mine for a long time. To make the long story short, another baby is born and its

I dont have the exact words to say how much I am so thankful to Lainy, Genny and Mabelle (teary eyed) for being an instrument to make my dreams come true. I thought this dreams of mine will be again part of my boulevard the broken dreams. God knows how much I wanted it, and He used instruments for me not to have burden and taking my dreams come true.

I thanked you Lord for sending angels of mine (Lainy, Genny and Mabelle) to make this dreams into realization. I may dont have the exact money to pay you for what you have done, I'll just pray to our Dear Lord that you will be blessed more because I know, you know how to share your blessings. Once again and a million times
Thank you thank you thank soooooooo much......... myspace graphic comments

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Lainy said...

Hi Ada! Don't mention it. It was a pleasure to see that you're so much delighted to have your domain.

I was also like you when I once wished to have my own domain ;-) I was super ecstatic to have finally my own.

I wish you more blogging success in the future.

Can't wait to see the new blog up and running pretty soon.


genny said...

ading, thanks for mentioning my name. btw, highlight your new baby so that viewers/readers can click it and see your new baby.:-)

way to go ading...good luck to us!

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