Yesterday I have and now I lost you....

It's just yesterday when you are in my hands, just holding you and touching. It's been a while since I have you in my hands. Little did I know that I might gonna lost you one day. I did not think of that, because I thought no one would get interested on having you. Your just a typical and old one, even so I still love you so much.. so I am confident that I'll have you for long. But just this morning, when you we're gone. You did not even bid goodbye, you just leave me without any trace and clue. So depressed, I did not know where to start just to have you back again. I am desperate of having you back again. But I dont know where to start and how to start.

Is this what they say, just let go and move on with your life. I hope it would be as easy as that. I would not mind if you are in the other hands, my concern are the messages that I kept for years and years. It's my only memories that I have with my beau, our messages when we first meet. The messages that we are courting each other, messages of fight and arguments. Above all messages with sweet nothing and i love you's. Goshhhh...I can replace the phone any time but the memories and messages that kept there for long are irreplaceable.

To you who stole my phone... I believe in Karma, you will still pay for what you've done to me.

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genny said...

double meaning ang post ah. i lurve it ading...let go mo na and move on. memories will be in your and mind. God bless!

ladyguinevere28 said...

thanks friend... in time..

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