Close your eyes and dreams come true

This post has been long overdue, this should be posted when I am still in the peak of my dream and illusion. Even though, I still feel the urge to post it and let every one know what are my dreams come true upon closing my eyes.

It has been my dream to be with you, I dream of having you by my side when I woke up in the morning. I dream of sleeping in your arms and feeling the tenderness of your skin. I dream that the love is so real and true. In my dreams all seems are perfect nothing is wrong, no pain, no tears and most of all we are very much in love.

But when I open my eyes I am back to reality, you are no longer with me. Your far away and have forgotten me. You already decided to leave me and be with someone else. I feel the pain and tears just flowing on my cheeks and I could not help but cry and burst out. I wanted to shout to let go of this pain, but its still remains inside me.

I dont want to keep this pain for long, I wanted my happiness comes back to me. So I just close my eyes and dream of you once again. In my dreams we are both happy but tears just run down to my cheeks. I can no longer fool myself and pretend that every thing is alright. I must realize that what we had is just an illusion and its one of my broken dreams. I have you once, I have you but not for long and forever. I must set you free for you belong to someone else. I must be happy to see you smiling with her. I maybe smiling but I could not hide my tears. I love you so much and wanting this to keep forever in my dreams..

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genny said...

tears, tears, tears....makes me cry because i have the same dreams. nice post ads, i felt the pain and the love.:-)

Anji said...

A bitter sweet post. You will be happy again.

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