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During April 1st we celebrated April Fools Day or All Fools Day. It's not even considered as a National Holiday but different countries from around the world celebrate April Fools Day. People will celebrate it by playing all kinds of jokes and foolishness to their families, relatives and friends.

However here in the Philippines, not most of us known this kind of celebration, only few practice it during April 1st. This is maybe because all year round Filipinos are really funny and we have this sense of humor and we easily laugh in certain situations. Whether its April 1st or not, we play jokes and foolishness to the people that surrounds us.

Just like my son, everyday of his life he makes fun of me. The day wont end, if he does not make any joke on me and we all end laughing at each other. But of course, I keep on reminding him, I am his mom and he should shows some respect and he agree on it.

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Hope said...

I love April Fool's Day!

I'm a new follower from the Friday blog hop. I would love a follow back. I hope you have an Amazing Friday!


spearmint baby said...

haha- i should have played this trick on my husband!

found you on the blog hop! i'm your newest follower ;)) shari

anne said...

Weeew you got me there btw Dang have a tag for you here My Little Home Just check when you have time, thanks

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