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Having your own logo would also identify who you are. Just like the badges that we see around in some blogs. They own badges and it would identify their blog sites. Isn’t great to own your logo, it’s up to you what kind of logo designs you would like to have. They have for stationery, web site design, brochure and so much more. You just have to choose one, which you would like to do. They have logo design samples. Then from the samples you can also create or manage to create your own logo.

I am just too lucky because I have such friend who helps me out in making my own badge in my site. I am so thankful because I got my own badge for free. Because of her, she made my blog more personalized because all the features I have there, it has a different touch. I could not ask for more, she is doing it because of our friendship. She is so kind in giving her time to make my own badge and take note its for free. You can maybe hire her in making your own badge too, who knows. Check her site its genny.

Would you love to have your own badge? Are you willing to pay to have one? Or would be much better if someone will do it for you?

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What's in a name.. said...

New follower via blog hop. Hope you will follow me too @

genny said...

thanks for the compliment ading. i have something for you. visit me here:

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