Working on PR

Everyone really interested to have a PR in their own site. Who would not like to have it? I guess most of us who are working on a site would like to get PR for the Mr. G or what they refer as google. Because of the high PR that would determine your opportunity to earn more in the blogosphere world.

I’ve been working hard to get my PR and I am so lucky to have one in just a month of working on it. However, I am somehow worried if I am going to change my free domain to own domain. There might be a problem with my PR. They say that it will go back to zero and you will start from the scratch that is what I am worried of, ppc search engine marketing. So for now I am holding on, in getting own domain. Although others say, that they will earn more if you own your own site. But I could not afford to just let go and loss my PR. I guess I am just being hysterical about it. I’ll just have to think it over and over again before I will give it a go. I love my site now even if it’s a free domain. Even if I am just earning a little bucks but at least I have some earnings.

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