Weekend Errands

Its weekend again and here I am doing my household errands.I wanted to get some rest because I did not have enough sleep this past few days, my beau visited me for a few days and I had to stay awake for him.

So even if I don't have enough sleep this week, I still need to do my household errands. Doing my laundry and cleaning my room. After this I'll be going out with my aunt to attend the 2000 Hail Mary's. It's first saturday of the month so I'll be spending some time with our Lord. See yeah my dear fellow readers and have a great weekend.

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anne said...

Curious jud ko anang 2000 hail mary's bah, tudlui daw ko ana beh hehehe girl would u mind to visit and add my new blog. Already added you there thanks

My Daily Mumbles

ladyguinevere28 said...

Thanks anne.. ayaw na ka curious dira a.. heheh yeahh na add ko na new blog mo.. dami mo na blog ahhh

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