Storage for more Space

When I went to Manila to work as a call center agent, I am living in a dormitory place. We are 6 girls in one room and we have a little cabinet. That little cabinet we have is not enough to place all my stuff. Since I could not put it all in that cabinet, I have to place it on top of my bed or a chair and pile it there. Its really messy and disarranged and I could not help it to see it like that. What I did, I bought a Storage box to make my things arranged and organized. That little box I have for my storage I just have to put it under my bed and just pulled it out anytime I want. So my life is so much easier and comfortable with a storage box. It can save some space and can hold so much of your stuff. Especially if you are just renting a bed space, storage box is really helpful for all of us to make things arrange and organized. Good thing that we already have those storage boxes now, because before I remember my mom is using a cartoon to place all our pillows, blankets and bed sheets in cartoon and the rat can easily ruin the cartoon and eat our stuff.

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