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I’ve been working as an online English Tutor for Koreans for quite long already. I started this job last January of 2010. Then when I resigned in my company I do a home based tutor. I got some students but one student remains and stay in my class for more than 1 yr. I am so grateful for him, because his payment really helps me meet both ends. But last Monday he decided to quit and help his friend, I understand his situation but I am just sad of what had happened. I informed my group of friend about it and asked for some help. If they could indorse at least 1 student to me, I would be grateful for their kindness. When I told them about my situation, one friend of mine is planning to have her own company for the home based tutor and she is looking if we could have website design for this particular service.

I told her, its possible but we need to have an expert programmer who could create our own website and then establish the seo and backlinks. She is still hesitant but if this thing will push thru I know this will be a good business for all of us. She promised that she would hire me by that time. We end our conservation with a smile in my face. I hope this will push through. I cant wait for this to happen.

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Brandy, April, and Amanda said...

Good luck on your weekend errands. Not something I want to spend my weekend on but I think we all do. I am hopping in from Friday's Hops. Love for you to stop by. Have a great weekend!

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Anji said...

That sounds like a very good idea. it's always hard when a students stops having lessons. I found that if you are nice about it, sometimes they come back or sometimes they give your name to someone else.

You're right about having a really good website, it's important to look professional

Good luck for the future

I visit your blog when I’m on on ExposeYourBlog!

ladyguinevere28 said...

Thanks Anji for the nice comment. I can't go to EB yet because I have lots of things to catch up. I'll be going there sometime.

Dirty Butter said...

I would contact all the students you've had in the past and ask them for referrals. It might even be worth paying them a small finder's fee for anyone who pays for a certain number of lessons.

Also, are you on the social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter? That's a good place to ask for help finding new students, particularly since you can specify a location on Twitter and FB would be among your own friends and most would be local.

I follow you on ExposeYourBlog.

ladyguinevere28 said...

I've already asked contacted them and asked for any referral. But there is a problem with the time because they want to have a morning class. And I am not available in morning. So I just let it go. Thanks Rose for the nice comments.

Lainy said...

Hi Ada. Thanks for leaving a comment at Our Journey to Forever and for showing interest on the job. If you want, we can discuss it over at YM. I can tell you more what I have been told about it since I still have to start soon. Do add me at YM:

See yah!


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