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At one glance what do you think of this? Is this a postcard? a picture? or painting? When one of my student share this picture, which I should have thanked her because she gave me an idea to post it. I immediately asked her, "who are they? are they your friends?" She was laughing, I was irritated is there funny thing in the way I asked her. Then she answered "I dont know", I was thinking how come she dont know. When I take a look again it made me realized that it was a painting.

According to my student, it was a painting from one of the walls in the little store that they went to. Who ever made this wall painting is very talented person, he really made it look like a real one.

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Amanda T said...

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And I thought Id give my input. When I first saw this I knew right away that it was a painting. But I am in the arts so that could be why :)

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