I Comment There I am - On Thursday

I welcome everyone for this edition of I Comment Therefore I am. This would be my first try to do this one. I am not good in making comments. In fact, I do sometimes make my comments very general as I avoid commotion. Even if I disagree with one he/she mentioned, I just keep it in my self just to have peace. However, I observed in some posts, the one who have lots and loads of comments are those posts that are disgusting or offensive in the eyes of few people. Well, I would like to give it a try, to be opinionated and express myself openly without any fear.

In with her Day 183 for Not-So-Two-Year-Old. I like your blog, about your baby girl who is already Big, big, girl. I was impressed with words you choose to input and express what you felt. It was exciting girl, you deliver your feelings and emotions towards your daughter. I just feel reluctant because my son is already 8 yrs old, but I still keep on calling him “Baby”. No matter how many times he told me and scold me that he is no longer baby. I kept telling him, which no matter what you still remains a baby for me. Even if, you are already married and have your own family. You will always be my Big Baby.

While the I was impressed Marcy with how you manage to control yourself and keep it for a long time of how you feel. I just felt that you already love this person when you were still young. However, because of friendship you choose to keep it and remain friends. This is good at least you remain friends despite of the emotions you felt inside. However since you are both single and mature, I guess people should not felt bad of the relationship you have now. In fact, they should be happy instead because you found love in the person that you’ve known for a long time. Isn’t feel fulfilling and secure that you are loved by the person you’ve known for a long time. Than, a person you’ve just meet around the corner or maybe in the bar. People who comments bad about your relationship are just jealous because they could not find their own destiny.

Then, for thoughtful Wednesday. I don’t know you in person but being na├»ve is just our normal for us being human being. However we can improve it by learning thru our experiences. Metamorphosis will can in our way, for us to be mature. I can feel the excitement in your new career, welcome to the club of mommy hood. The ways are not that easy you will shed tears and exert lots effort. All of that will be rewarded on the later days. Just enjoy the moments and feel the time you have for your kid because one day he/she will be gone in your side.

This is just for now; I will do a lot more if I have time. I still need to so to sleep. I would like to hear from you guys. So don’t hesitate to spread your words and leave your fingerprints in some of my posts. I would appreciate it even if it’s a negative thoughts.

Anyone is welcome and any thoughts are free to share. No worries I am not that sensitive. Let’s just play along this comment.

Unknown Mami

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Acting Balanced Mom said...

love this idea!!! wrote my whole blog today about commenting... what a neat way to share blogs too!

ladyguinevere28 said...

Yeahh.. lets play along with our comments and have it post. you can also post it to you the blogs that you made comments.

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