What do you have for Breakfast?

I know breakfast is the importand meal of the day. I have my complete meal for breakfast. But how about you guys? Do you have complete meal too?

Having a morning sex before getting up, is what other considered a complete meal for breakfast, which is applicable only for newly wed couple. What about a cup of coffee? A cup of coffee that would boost up our energy lever and body system, fo us to get and get ready for work. Especially in the bliss of morning sunshine. Some would like to have ham and egg on their table for breakfast. A meal that normally an American people has.

However, being a Filipina my morning meal or my breakfast is not just a cup of coffee or ham and egg. I would like to have a cup of coffee and bread together with my vegetahbel fried rice with a fried fish. Sometimes I would replace the fried fish with hotdog or sweet tocino. That depends on the foods availability in our fridge. For me that is my complete meal for my breakfast and I love eating it with my hands. Of course, I've washed my hands before meal. Some other think its gross or unpleasant, but that's how Filipino get used to it. It actually add to our eating appetite especially if my one leg is crossed and hanged on my chair. OMG, you could say that. That's just Filipino mostly do, but not all of us.

So what do you have for breakfast?

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Genny said...

My breakfast is usually oatmeal and coffee! :)

ladyguinevere28 said...

Usually my boyfriend loves his oatmeal with banana and cinnamon powder. Do u like that also?

~ Yolie ~ said...

Well, I cant say that I had the morning sex for breakfast, but I did swing by the McDonalds drive through for scrambled eggs on my mad dash to the office this morning.

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