It's time to share my Thoughts

Saturday and Sunday is pay back time, its my off days from work. It's my only time to share my precious thoughts for those who comments on my blogs and share their views. I am ready to open my computer and give a handful reward to them. My whole saturday was spend only for browsing and makes comments to their blogs. However, I am always stuck in every blogs I visited. They always caught my attention and interest. I just dont visit and a drop of message but I always read and think maybe I could learn something fromt this post or from this website. A lot of maybe and what if's running on my mind. Until the saturday end up, I really didn't do much of commenting and adding them in my site. I felt bad, I guess 24 hrs isn't enough to do all this things or maybe my computer isn't that fast that is why I end up only reading and commenting to a few blogs and posts. That would be so bad, so bad for me. I should pay them back by visiting and dropping a comments to their posts as well. Hmmpp, I guess saturday and sunday is not enough for me to do all the online jobs; like visiting, commenting and adding them in my blog site.

Adding another day, it means that I would not get enough sleep or rest. I should try to make my computer faster as much as possible. I should hire a technician to check this computer and clean it. I have a DSL connection, and according to them it's a good line and it's the fastest connection in internet. I am not good on it, am not knowledgeable when it comes computers hardware and software. I leave it up to the expert.

To all of you guys who expect my pay back. I would like to extend my apologies for this break down system. I will get down on you occassionally. I hope you won't get tired of visiting me back. Cheers!!! And hurray!!! to all the bloggers in this blogospher world.

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Author said...

Its good that you atleast reliaze this...most of the people do not realize this-Louis

ladyguinevere28 said...

Ohh of course Louis, I've always cherish your comments and others comments. So, in return I am also doing it to them.

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