Start a New Year with a Bang

I’ve been jobless for quite sometime. Therefore, I wanted to start this year with a new job. According to the news, several leading experts and numerous surveys in the last few weeks of 2009 predicted that there will be very little job in the market for this year 2010. While it appears that, this year will not be the year for the job seeker. I continue my job hunting; and didn’t bother about the news. While I was walking, I never noticed that I am already standing in front of this office. I have no idea what office is that, but I still have the nerve to go inside and inquire some information that might help for my job hunting. Until the receptionist told me that they have a career workshop for the jobseekers, I was hesitant to attend because I found out that this office is an Employment Center for Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints. It came to my mind that maybe the career workshop only intended for the church members. However, the receptionist told me right away that this workshop is not for the church members alone, anyone are invited to attend the workshop provided you need to attend the 2 days workshop. I was also informed that once you complete the workshop you can utilized all the facilities in their office for free. You can print your resume, scanned pertinent documents, fax important papers and used the computer with internet for free. I could say it’s remarkable, it’s a great help for us job seekers. However, the best deal doesn’t end yet, here’s more to come.

When the workshop started, I was so relaxed and rested, and looking forward that once am done with this I’ll be getting what is free, (am so bad). Anyways, I never thought what more I‘d be getting in that workshop. I learned lots things, from making my resume and advertising myself, answering question and making power statement to impress the future employer, until I’ll reach the decision makers. This workshop really prepares the job seekers to get the job he is applying. It is indeed a very helpful workshop. I commend this church for providing the job seekers what they need for applying. I give salute to them for creating such a wonderful workshop. I hope I could spread this great news for job seekers like me. Well, I’m no longer job seekers, because I got a job offered. I used what I’ve learned from the workshop to my advantage.

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Eric said...

I always like a happy ending and congrats on your new job! Even when the job market is low there are still opportunities for employment...sometimes its just a matter of looking in the right place at the right time. Sound familiar?? :-D

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