Getting the Report Card

A report card is a mesure of student's performance in the classroom. In most places, here in the Philippines, the adviser of the student or the student's parents receive the report card four times yearly. It was yesterday when I get the report card of my son. Aside that the adviser will give the report card, she will also give feedback of the behavior and attitude of my son.

When I received the report card, I felt guilty and embarrassed of what I saw. All of his grades went down; I was not surprised about it. In addition, the teacher told me that my son's behavior is getting worst. This one really breaks my heart into two. Teacher Jen said that my son is fun of kicking the chair or wagging the head of his classmates. I know I should be threatening of what is happening now in the attitude of my son. I told his teacher that I also observed the same thing in our home. Since we are living with my parents. I can say that he was spoiled. I dont want to put all the blame to my parents, because I know the blame starts on me.

Anyways as a mother, I need to look for a resolution of this. I told his teacher he could let my son set in front or the first row. However, the teacher refuses because my son is quite big. I still insist, I said lets just observe it for a week. If he will behave if he is in front. At the end, the teacher agree on me. We just hope that this one would resolve the behavioral problem of my son.

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