The return and the come back...

Returning and coming back in this blogosphere world is another story for some bloggers out there. For a while I stop my update here for I was occupied with lots of things in my life that I give so much priority. First is my studies, I was studying then at the same time working. Because of that I got no time to work on my blog for a while. When I graduated I come back for a while but stop again for I was busy again studying and reviewing for my licensure examination as a Teacher. 

After I got passed in my licensure examination, again I was occupied with my work as a Preschool Teacher. Being a Teacher has lots of tedious work to do, even bringing work at home I have do it, just to lessen my work. This really makes me worried. I dont want to give up my blogging for I know this is the only outlet I can rant and outburst my emotion. Without making them know who I am.

Luckily I got the chance to drop by and update sometimes. I'll keep you posted of some updates. I will try my best to do it.

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