Just my luck I got the First Prize "9th Wedding Anniversary Blog Contest"

On the 5th of January 2012, Nita Thomas announced the winners for her Blog Contest. Its been more than a month that I've been waiting for this Blog Contest. I just could not help but got so excited. I dont know but I have a different feeling for this blog contest.

This different feelings, turned out to be positive. When Nita Thomas posted the winners. I saw right away my name on the First Prize. At first, I am bit hesitant, I even confirmed it to Nita Thomas if I was the one. After exchanging emails for the confirmation.. here it goes its really me.

What a New Year Blast I have, being a winner is what I always dreamed on. But I never thought I could get the first spot as in the First Winner. Anyways, I am hoping to get some more and win some more. Winning the first prize would be much better.

Here are the following I won from the Blog Contest:

$60.00 Cash
125 x 125 ads
text links
EC Credits
Digital Scrapbooking

Happy New Year! everyone and so happy to be First prize Winner. I'll have more of this and get more and more!!!

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Marcia said...

Congratulations on being a 1st prize winner and thanks for visiting my blog through the Alexa Hop!
Marcia :)

Marcia said...

Congratulations! Awesome
Following you from Alexa hop and visiting multiple pages.

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