Teacher’s Day

Here in the Philippines it has been recently that we are celebrating a day for our Teachers. We pay tribute to all their efforts and works. It is a time giving flowers or cards to show how much we appreciate all that they have done for us to be better person.

Today, I am on the other side of the coin. I am the Teacher and it’s my students who gave me flowers and some food to eat. I enjoy how they appreciate as well as the parents thank me. It’s a nice feeling that someone is satisfied with what you are doing to their kids. It is flattering feelings deep within.

I have nothing more to asked, I am so thankful for being in this profession because it pays well not in material but with other things that no man cant count.

Its also a challenging profession for its in your hands lies the future of every child. So the challenge for every teacher is to make difference a good damn difference according to Taylor Mali.

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