Surprise... Surprise... Surprise

I am surprised and then now surprised and still surprise. Ohh I am loving this life I have now, not because a lot of surprises I have but because God loves me so much.

I know God wont allow any bad things happen to me and to my family. I keep on holding on you, Oh Lord, I lift it all up to you and I trusted your way. For those who are thinking of hurting me or ruining my life, just back off. I stay away from you because I dont like mingling with your business so I hope you do the same. I know who you are, your messages has been taken care of and take note it will always be remembered.

Right after the surprise thing, a big surprise is coming my way. I dont know how to react about it, excited or worried I also dont know if there is a need to shout it out to the whole world or I'll just keep it to myself. I am still waiting for some more weeks to confirm if its really...

A surprise resulted to another surprise. I am crossing my fingers and hopes and hopes that everything will be ok.

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genny said...

oh life life life....full of surprises indeed. but good surprises i am sure. love it, treasure it and savour it. God bless!

ladyguinevere28 said...

thank you.. a good surprise is coming. God knows it. Bless us more..

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