Red itchiness on my skin

I am having problem this itchiness on my skin and no matter how many times I pour alcohol on it, it will no go. I keep on scratching it until it will become reddish. But still the itchiness still there, I told my beau about this and he told me to put some ointment that will cure for the itchy.

I look for some ointment online, I try to google it and check other stuff that will cure for psoriasis. After searching from one page to another I bump to this page that caught my interest and would like to try some. It actually caught my interest because I will no longer have this itchy for life. Its guaranteed that this itchy will be remove quickly and permanently. So I will no longer suffer any more about this itchy thing on my skin. I cant wait to order it and try how effective it is. Just like any other human out there, I want to have a worry free when it comes to my skin. My skin is the most delicate part that I should be taking care of and I should not just ignore this little itchy thing and it might become a fungal infection that I don’t want to happen.

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