Can I have a little bit of consideration

Would it be too much to ask for some consideration? Would it be really difficult to give some consideration? Would you eat up your pride if you give some consideration for others?

I am in this position right now, asking for some consideration to understand my position and situation. But I could not shout it out to everyone's face because, they expect me to give in to their way and I should be the one to be considerate in their situation. Rather than me asking for some consideration from them. Having said that, I can no longer take back what I said but to go on and have it their way.

Since they wanted this to be like this, even if I know everyone will suffer. I just hope that everyone will do their part for the success. Its not only in my hands for everyone's who will participate. I will just cross my fingers that it will end smooth and appealing to everyone. Please my dear readers and visitors help me in praying that it will end soon.

I could not discuss more because this case is too sensitive. Forgive me, if I am giving a incomplete details about this information.

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teffy said...

Oh.. don't take it alone.I'm here for you..spill it out to lighten you up. I know life isn't easy at all. I 'll pray that you will always be strong and courageous enough to overcome trials.

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