A simple request...

I wrote this post in request of my readers, who also would like to know about the theme of this blog. Since I am back in this blogosphere world. I also decided to change the theme of my website. I asked my friend to help me out, at the same time I also search for a free template for I could not afford one. When I visited the blog of my friend I noticed that her site is really attractive. I got envy and because of that I went directly to and check out their fabulous site. So I choose "In love theme," not because I am in love. But because I aim to be loved. In hope that in this year I will have abundance of love.

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Bargain Princess said...

Hi there. The linky for Blog Hop Monday went bad, but it's fixed please relink when you have a chance =D

Happy Monday!!

Splendiferous Girls said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog...we went to Cancun for vacation and stayed at the Grand Mayan was wonderful...Have a wonderful day..I am now following you..

sherry ;-)

anne said...

ang title sa blog mao lang gihapon bah? Hehehe thanks for the comment

kat said...

hello, sis..thanks for following and i'm following you now as well. thanks for the comments too...i'll add your link as soon as my computer is back. i'm here now at the internet hu hu!

have a great day.

Eli said...

Your blog is nice. It's title "Mother on the Go" is descriptive and conveys a message that you are a busy mom.

It's nice visiting your blog and reading your post. But I find hard to comment because there's no URL, only Google account.

Thanks for adding my link. I'll add yours also.

Eli @ Business Sphere

Winchester said...

hi ! visiting thru WBFC =)

thanks for following my blog...i'm now following you as well . . (and thanks for the comment,too)

have a great day !

Blogging SAHM said...

Thank you for visiting my blog Sis. I added you on my blogroll. ^_^

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