I am back into Blogosphere

It's been a while since I stopped writing and updating my blog. For some personal reasons I quit into blogging for a while. But I can no longer stay here and be quite. I want to write and begin my blogging career. Others think that it's not a career to get serious on. But sorry, I consider it a career that is growing for some people who are earning. So please help me welcome myself, I congratulate myself for I find courage to write what I want to write. To share what I feel and to put in words all the things I have in my mind.

I am sorry for that person who tried to destroy me ( I know you knew who you are). You've tried once, but you did not succeed. So I wont let you try it again and that wont happen again. So just back off and mind your own business and please dont mingle my own business for once you do that again. I assure you, you will taste the sweetness of my revenge.

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genny said...

oie, nangahahamon ba ito?
no no na yan, hayaan mo na sya. one thing for sure, she cannot put you down and never will be. welcome back my dearest friend! hugs!

ladyguinevere28 said...

hehehe.. just burst out what I feel. Because ??? I quit for a while. But NO NO NO, I cant allow it anymore.. Thank you so much..

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