Women are Unique

Us women would say that we are really unique. You wanna know what makes us unique from any other things.

Why women are unique? You may asked and wonder why we are unique. Well, I will give you some answers that make us unique because I am also woman.

1. We can release blood for four to five days without dying.
2. We can supply milk for 6-12 months without spoiling.
3. And lastly we can make hot dogs hard for 20-40 mins without putting them in fridge.

Now be proud that we belong to women clan. Proud that we are really a true women.

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Dorothy L said...

That we are. If more women could just hold strong to the fact that we are all a Unique Gift and each one of us has our own unique and special qualities that make us who we are....there would be a lot less worry and loneliness in this world.

We are WOMEN...hear us ROAR~

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