Visitors this would be another part of my collections from Joe D' Mango Love Notes. It isnt't my favorite love letter, but this gives lessons for everyone. Who is in the merge of letting go part. Just an added note letting go someone you love is really not easy. But on the lighter note, it doesnt't mean that you dont love them much. In fact, you love them so much because you've sacrificed your own happiness, right? So, if its time to let go. Just let it go as easy as that. If you know the song the Art of Letting go, its a good song for everyone who wants to move on. I hope guys you enjoy reading this another Love Notes from Joe D' Mango.

Dear Joe,

Everyone told me that setting the one I love free could give me peace of mind. But I never thought it would be this painful.

Joe, I had this on and off relationship for two years. To other people, it was almost too good to be true. The first time Jay broke up with me, he said he needed time to take care of matters at home and school. I tried as much as I could to understand him. Months after the break-up, when I was already starting to date other guys, he asked for a reconciliation. I accepted him back.
My parents approved of him so much, Joe. He was like a member of the family. There were even times when we fought and my mom would take his side. Funny but true. He was well loved by my family.

Later that year, he told me that he was not so sure of his feelings for me. Both of us worked on it. But all the love, time and effort I gave wasn't enough to make him stay. And I never realized that I could love someone this much until he had left. I could not tell my family about it. Jay told me not to close the door yet. He said that after a year, if he didn't have girlfriend yet, it would mean he really loved me. Joe, my mind tells me to let go but my heart tells me to stay and wait.

I can understand the first time was really a mistake. But now, I don't know. In every decision I make, I would always consider him. I never complained when we would not even go out in a week or two. I never said anything when he told me his feeling for me had diminished. He said that the friendship we had was so true that he could not afford to lose it. He said he was afraid that time would come when we would have to part ways so he was trying to save the friendship while he still could.

Joe, I am working on my papers to fly to the US. But until now, I am still not sure if I really want to go. What if he decides to come back and I'm not here anymore? What if I stay and then realize that I am waiting for nothing? I don't know, Joe. They said that I am young and should not waste my time on him. But I love Jay so much. Letting go is not going to be easy as they say.

Joe, I know God has a reason for doing this to me. But does it have to be this painful? I remember one time you said that letting the person know how you feel and pursuing what you feel are totally different things. All I want is to let him know that I love him so much

I hope you could enlighten us both.

Sincerely yours,




I am almost certain that you are holding on to someone who you think is still there but has really been long gone. Jay was just looking for a decent way out of your relationship. You know how men can get away with words. Saving the friendship was just an excuse. And it was totally unfair when he wanted you to hold on and see if he still loved you after a year had passed. That was an outrageously selfish proposition.

Cathy, there is nothing wrong in loving someone. You may be able to bear the pain when love begins to hurt. And when it hurts, you may still be able to give even more. You may be even able to love until it hurts no more. But what good does it bring you when the person you love shows no respect for what you feel and makes lame excuses for his inability to love you back. Love isn't love until you give away. But love will only have life when it is shared by two people who believe in its meaning, by people who share one goal, one commitment, and by people who are selflessly loyal to each other.

God's ways aren't always easy and painless. Some are meant to open our eyes to what we do not see. Some are meant to make us realize what we stubbornly refuse to understand. But all of them will always be meant to make us stronger and better persons. We just have to trust Him on that.

Cathy, you may find your way to the farthest planet and still remember Jay. Distance has little to do with forgetting. This healing should begin in your heart. Acceptance is the first step to recovery. Once you have learned to understand that this is where it ends then it is the only time when you will learn how to move on with life without having to stop every time you are reminded of the bitterness of the past.


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Pokagon Member said...

Sounds like he needs the boot out of your head forever!

ladyguinevere28 said...

hahahaha.. nice one.. i agree on that

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